The english version is finished 😀😀😀Now we need your help! 💪Please let us know what working equitation obstacles would you like to see in the first training video?Which obstacle would you like to try with your own horse? Thank you very much for your help! 👉Please share it and register below the link! 👉http://nunoavelar-academy.com/m-en-subscription/

Posted by Nuno Avelar on Friday, June 9, 2017

Nuno Avelar coming to WEU

We are happy to announce that Nuno Avelar will be the first featured instructor at WEU. We are currently building two of his classrooms, one in English and the other in German. Stay tuned, more info coming soon.




I have became a member of the WEU as soon as I could. I was so excited at such a prospect for education. I do the majority of learning on my own and having a program to follow is key. I have followed other programs and had great success. I was looking for a program […]



Types of Subscriptions

Question: I am a little confused about your new website WE Univ. There are 2 parts i could subscribe to – is one more inclusive or better for the competitor/non-judge? or are they meant to be used together? Thanks! I look forward to trying it out! Answer: Great question, yes you have the right idea.. […]