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Instructor-in-English Are you a WE Instructor looking for a new opportunity to teach people how to be successful at this sport? WEU’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform is not exclusive. It is an online classroom devoted to teaching all aspects of Working Equitation. WEU’s purpose is to be diversified and to host multi-national countries, languages, styles and cultures for trainers and instructors. We are always looking for qualified instructors to teach riders and judges how to be more effective. If you are an WE Instructor or Trainer and would like to add a course or content, please contact us for information.

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Instructor-in-English Are you a rider that is new to this sport? Have you been riding and competing in this sport for a few years? Nothing is more important than inspiration and education. We have created WEU LMS to inspire riders like yourself and to raise your expectations to new heights. This is an ever growing and expanding sport. It is our hope to bring you a variety of talented instructors to help guide you. We will be creating new videos and presenting the newest training techniques, exercises, and information for you to learn from. If you have any questions, please ask.
Instructor-in-EnglishAre you a current judge in a sport other than WE and would like to judge this new and exciting sport? We have a path for you. “Fast Tract” is an accelerated program that will get you up and running in no time.

Are you new to the sport and want to start judging? Are you a rider and would like to know more about what judges are looking for? We also have developed a path for you. If you have any questions, please ask.


Are you a horse that needs something to do? Are you bored of standing around in the pasture with your buddies? WEU was created to help give you a fun way to spend your time. We recognize that classical horsemanship is a healthy way to keep you active both in mind and body. It is your owner’s responsibility to always practice good horsemanship and realize that each horse has an individual learning style. Every horse learns at a different speed. This process may take one horse several weeks and another only minutes. Some horses need to see it all from the ground and some will learn better with the rider mounted. The amount of time it takes a horse to accept this challenge is no reflection on how the horse will perform in competition. It is important to remember that all of these exercises don’t have to be completed in one session. Some exercises need to be broken up into even smaller exercises to help the horse become accepting of the challenge it is being presented. Let us help you find the perfect balance.

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There is no end to education, innovation and inspiration. There is always something new to learn or a new way to present something old. WEU has plans to keep expanding its content beyond what is currently presented. As technology and Working Equitation continues to grow, we will add new content and continue to innovate.

Here is a list of future goals planned for WEU:LMH_6718

Type of content:

  1. To build an obstacle speed phase course/lesson
  2. To build a cow working phase course/lesson
  3. To build a troubleshooting or problem-solving list for each lesson
  4. To build an independent instructor training course/lesson
  5. To build continuing educations lessons for the judging certification program
  6. To build and expand the judging certification program to include other WAWE national groups

Video Content:

  1. Educational video content for each obstacle
  2. Educational video content for each movement in the dressage trial
  3. Educational video content for troubleshooting
  4. Educational video content for working cows
  5. Explanation video content for each obstacle

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